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Sweet & Sara Vegan Marshmallows

Marshmallows Never Tasted So Good

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Graham Crackers [10 pcs]

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Crispy, crunchy and crazy good! Made in-house especially for our signature marshmallows, use these graham crackers to make smores at a campfire or fireplace. You can also crush them up to make graham pie crusts and ice cream toppings. Or just simply enjoy these buttery-but-NO-butter grahams on their own!


Ingredients: wheat flour, non-hydrogenated spread (oil blend [palm, canola, olive], water, salt, natural flavor, sunflower lecithin, lactic acid, annatto extract), vegan cane sugar, whole wheat flour, molasses, water, baking soda.  (8 oz/ 227 g)

Allergens: Contains wheat. Manufactured in a facility that also processes soy, peanuts and tree nuts.

Vegan.  Non-GMO.  Kosher.  All Natural.

WARM WEATHER SHIPPING INFO: If your shipping destination is ABOVE 75 degrees F, please order ice packs along with an insulation box. For optimal protection, please add 1 ice pack per 2 items. We also highly recommend express shipping, especially during the summer months - the further the destination from NYC, the more we recommend. S&S is not responsible for damages and melting incurred from weather issues.

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  1. THE BEST!!

    Posted by Ruth on 24th Sep 2017

    Sweet & Sara's graham crackers are the best! They are so flavorful and substantial without being overly sweet. And, they are vegan! Sweet & Sara...I'm going to miss you!


    Posted by Tanya T on 2nd Jul 2016

    I do not know where to begin... these grahams are sooooo yummy and delicious. The taste you cannot really pinpoint because they are not overly sweet but a very subtle, earthy, sweetness with a tender crumb that make them perfect for snacking on their own, dunking in almond milk, or smores! I will definitely buy many, many more in the future!

  3. Love these!

    Posted by Charlotte on 24th May 2016

    We made s'mores on the weekend and these graham crackers are the best; thick and delicious! Would love to be able to order a bulk bag to go with the bulk marshmallows!

  4. Absolutely best graham crackers!

    Posted by Suzie on 14th Feb 2016

    If you look at the ingredients in a lot of 'store' brand graham crackers, they could 'pass' for vegan, but they have pretty much no taste. Sweet & Sara's graham crackers are fantastic. They're just the right amount of sweetness. And, as previous reviews have indicated, much thicker and more substantial than any other graham crackers.

  5. Best Graham Crackers!

    Posted by Ruth on 3rd Dec 2015

    These are the best graham crackers, ever! They are more flavorful, thicker, more substantial...than commercial products. And of course, they're vegan.

  6. Best graham crackers ever!!

    Posted by Kim on 16th Jul 2015

    These are the best tasting graham crackers I have ever eaten! They are so sweet and full of flavor and I love that they are thicker than your typical graham and don't crumble so easily. My husband and 16 month old daughter love them too.

  7. Yum

    Posted by Erica on 2nd Feb 2015

    These are great or obviously wonderful with a toasted marshmallow! Not overly sweet but just perfect for me, very rich for butter-free!

  8. Great for S'mores!

    Posted by Dawn on 13th Dec 2014

    Good alone but even better with Sweet and Sara Vanilla Marsmallows and vegan chocolate!

  9. Magical graham crackers!

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Jul 2014

    They taste exceptional. They crumble too easily but the pieces make good cheesecake crust.

  10. Liove these!

    Posted by Laurie on 19th Apr 2014

    I've ordered these before and have craved them since! Other graham crackers do not compare to these crispy and flavorful treats.

    They were promptly shipped and arrived in perfect shape with a hand written "thank you!". Nice touch!

  11. Tasted Great

    Posted by Suzanne Antonucc on 18th Feb 2014

    I bought these for my daughter for Valentine's Day. Sara shipped them out very quickly. My daughter said they were wonderful. The only reason I didn't give them a 5 star is that many of them were broken when they arrived at the house.

  12. heavenly yum ; ),

    Posted by merlin ; > on 15th Feb 2014

    unbelievably delicious vegan treats! buttery tasting, with the perfect crisp & touch of sweetness--no other healthy version of graham cracker comes close to these delights !!!! ** KUDOS to SARA for excellent customer service!!!** from a SWEET&SARA customer for life ; >

  13. Not sweet

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Jan 2014

    The consistency was good, but the flavor was more savory than sweet. I don't recommend these on their own.

  14. a convert

    Posted by jeanine on 15th Nov 2013

    when these first arrived, and i tasted them, i was extremely disappointed. they lack graham taste, and cannot rightly be called graham crackers also because of their size and texture. they are dense and square, and their crumbly, almost sandy feel makes them more accurately shortbread cookies. they are also rich and filling, unlike light and airy grahams. however, as i made my way through the box, i came to love them for precisely what they are. i am still looking for a good graham cracker, but meanwhile i have added these delicious cookies to my must have list!

  15. Best graham crackers ever!

    Posted by Samantha on 10th Nov 2013

    These graham crackers are the best! They have the best texture and are sturdy, a little thicker than most graham crackers on the market (which is a good thing!)It's almost impossible to find vegan graham crackers on the market, and the only other ones I have ever seen are Nabisco grahams Original. Well, Sweet and Sara's graham crackers are WAY better than Nabisco's junk and have no sketchy ingredients like theirs do. I highly recommend these for everything. I recently ordered four boxes...you can't go wrong!

  16. I was the non believer

    Posted by Jennifer on 4th Nov 2013

    I watched in a degree of disbelief the ooo's and ahhh's these graham crackers received on Bobby Deen's "Not your momma's meals". How could they be good without any....butter!??!? I ordered myself a package and after arriving super fast I opened it and really thought I would be tasting something cardboardesque. Well, I was very very wrong. It was delicious. I gave one to my 3 year old and that was the last I saw of the box. They are buttery (all without any butter at all), surprisingly light and didn't crumble into a million pieces. I was hoping to make a pie crust out of them, but alas, I will need to purchase another package in order to do so. This was one great taste test. Thanks Sara!

  17. Graham Crackers Redefined

    Posted by Anne Davis Paddock on 22nd Sep 2013

    There is no better tasting graham cracker on the market. Bought them to make smores for my vegan daughter and now I'm hooked on them. Totally delicious with a piece of Theo dark chocolate! Highly recommend.

  18. Gram Crackers- Better than Honey Grams!

    Posted by Amada on 3rd Aug 2013

    I love these! Excellent taste and don't crumble in 1 bite.

  19. BEST graham crackers--EVER !!!!

    Posted by merlin on 4th May 2013

    hands down--beats all other brand name cookies out in the market: just the right amount of sweetness, crispy & delicious; bonus: healthy snack !!!
    kudos : )

  20. Best. Ever.

    Posted by Dawn on 13th Apr 2013

    I wish I could buy them by the boxful. This is the best graham cracker I have ever tasted. They didnt last very long after receiving them!

  21. The BEST ever!! A must buy...again and again!!

    Posted by Brian on 13th Apr 2013

    We saw this product on Bobby Deen's "Not Your Momma's Meals." I have maintained a 4 Leaf lifestyle for over two years now. (4leafprogram.com). My family absolutely LOVES THIS PRODUCT and all of Sara's Vegan products. We definitely will be ordering again soon. S'mores at the fire pit very soon. Her customer service is second to none.

  22. Super yummy!

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Apr 2013

    Oh wow are these good! For not having any butter in them, they sure taste buttery and shortbread-like. My husband took a bite and then proceeded to eat half the package! He loved them too! They'd make an awesome pie crust.

  23. Awesome Grahams!!!

    Posted by BJRT1966 on 18th Feb 2013

    I was introduced to Sweet & Sara graham crackers by my sister, who is in the process of changing to a vegan diet. So I thought these graham crackers would either taste like trail mix or straw. To my surprise they are amazingly good. I truly mean AMAZINGLY GOOD!! Whenever I receive a box they are gone within minutes, sometimes I'll share them too :) My only wish is that the nutritional facts were on the container.

  24. Great for smores!

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Feb 2013

    This is the best graham cracker out there for smores, and I have tried them all.