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Peanut Butter Smores

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Marshmallow meets Peanut Butter meets Heaven! Our original Smore joined with a layer of smooth peanut butter make this decadent treat a favorite. 3"

Ingredients: corn syrup, cane sugar*, water, corn dextrose, wheat flour, graham flour, non-hydrogenated spread (oil blend [soybean, palm, canola, olive], water salt, natural flavor*, soy lecithin, lactic acid*, annatto extract), peanut butter, evaporated cane juice, corn starch, carrageenan, molasses, soy protein, acacia, pure vanilla extract, baking soda, sea salt, locust bean gum,confectioner's sugar*. *vegan. 2.5 oz.

Allergens:Contains soy, wheat and peanuts. May contain traces of tree nuts.



WARM WEATHER SHIPPING INFO: If the shipping destination is above 75 degrees F, we strongly recommend expedited shipping with an insulated box and ice packs. For optimal protection, purchase one ice pack per two items.

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Product Reviews

  1. My Fav!!!

    Posted by Shelly Moore (yup, that's "s'moore") on 18th Feb 2014

    You have not had a s'more until you've had one of these pb s'mores! Every time I order them I tell myself I'll be good.. eat a quarter of it a night to make it last... Let's be real here, it never lasts more than an hour. ;) Haha thank you! (Ps... ever thought about making pb flavored 'mallows.... *drool*!!)

  2. My New Favorite Vegan treat

    Posted by susan on 17th Feb 2014

    It took me a long time to try these. Why? I could have been enjoying them earlier! So good. The peanut butter is such a special addition to this vegan goodie. I love these.

  3. amazing!

    Posted by Kara on 2nd Feb 2014

    My favorite Sweet & Sara treat!! ♥♥♥♥♥

  4. always the best marshmallows!

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Dec 2013

    My family are big peanut butter fans, and this is my fourth time ordering these s'mores for them. Always delicious. Thank you!

  5. Absolutely delicious!

    Posted by Christa on 26th Mar 2013

    This was the first Sweet & Sara treat I tried, and I absolutely love it! As someone who is just starting to eat healthier here and there, I can say these are wonderful! Even if I wasn't trying to eat healthier, I would want these just because they are so incredibly delicious and really take care of that sweet tooth -- all while knowing it's vegan and a healthier choice! Thanks, Sara!

  6. Guilt-free indulgence

    Posted by Catherina on 2nd Feb 2013

    These simply are the best smores anywhere! A wonderful indulgence of the best mallows, yummy peanut butter, and rich chocolate. Double your order.

  7. Incredibly Scrumptious!

    Posted by Miss Laura D on 29th Jan 2013

    I bought a snack for my carnivore honey, who loves Peanut Butter, and he couldn't get enough! It's always so difficult to find a place that serves dessert for a vegan and a lover of dairy, so this is the perfect after dinner snack for us both. I will just have to buy two of everything from now on so we can both get our fill. Thanks Sara! :)